The features of TestArchitect are built upon a framework that offers you a powerful tool to integrate Action Based Testing™(ABT) into your testing organization.

Behind the worksheet-style interface is a sophisticated database structure that enables data and actions to be stored, shared, and managed in an efficient global team environment.

TestArchitect can integrate with test automation tools already adopted by a testing organization, while enabling all work to be organized within the ABT framework.

TestArchitect also offers standalone built-in automation, including many built-in system-level actions. These actions can be combined into user-defined actions that, quite often, provide all the test functionality you need.

Data-driven testing, an earlier and very important development in test automation, is also supported as part of the product’s worksheet-focused environment.

The Interface Viewer and Automation Playback tools can easily be extended to support other interfaces. TestArchitect offers automation playback for Windows, Web, .Net, WPF, Java, and other popular platforms.

The centerpiece of a complete functional testing solution

LogiGear delivers the TestArchitect toolset as the centerpiece of a complete software test automation framework that enables your testing team to:

With TestArchitect, you’ll be working with the latest software testing methodologies and technologies, all integrated into one easy-to-use package.

A framework for better and faster software testing

TestArchitect is a key component of the ABT framework that enables your organization to align software development and testing groups, unite test designers, testers and automation engineers, and integrate your onshore and offshore testing teams.

Delivered with customized, turnkey automation suites

LogiGear can deliver TestArchitect complete with turnkey test automation based on your existing test cases, or help you design new tests from the ground up.

Tests designed with TestArchitect can be executed manually or automatically, and can be quickly and easily changed to take advantage of the functionality delivered with each new release. In addition, tests can be designed and executed by any tester who can use a spreadsheet, and automated by any engineer who is familiar with industry-standard languages.

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