Test execution

How to execute a test on single device or multiple devices, remotely or locally.

Once your test modules have been created, actions defined, and interfaces captured, you are ready to begin executing tests.

Methods of test execution
The are numerous methods of executing automated tests.

Working on multiple test harnesses
How to run multiple test harnesses simultaneously with a single controller.

Playback toolbar
The playback toolbar appears at the bottom right corner of the screen during test execution. It displays the list of running harnesses and their running statuses, and allows you to pause, resume, or terminate the harnesses.

Time-traveling execution
Time-traveling execution provides the support for “retroactive” execution; that is, the ability to execute a particular set of revisions of project items in a given project.

Startup settings
Startup settings are settings which you can configure before launching a test run. These settings are of two types: built-in, and user-defined.

Execution log files
Once a harness run completes or is prematurely terminated, its execution information is logged to files.

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