TestArchitect Tutorial

Get started creating and managing your tests with TestArchitect by reviewing these introductory lessons.

The lessons and information in this guide are here to help get you started, and provide you with progressively more advanced information on the many features of TestArchitect.

Part 1: Getting started with TestArchitect
Here you’ll learn some of the key components of TestArchitect and Action-Based Testing, and take a first lesson on creating a test.

Part 2: Becoming a TestArchitect power user
In this part, you’ll venture further and discover those features that make TestArchitect so powerful, allowing you to deploy tests rapidly, and create tests that are modular, robust and easily maintainable. Topics include interfacing, building and recording actions, and creating data-driven tests.

Part 3: Extending TestArchitect
A set of tutorials for both power users and managers with special requirements. Included are lessons on using third-party programming languages (Java, Python and C#) to drive tests, generating summary reports and charts via the TestArchitect Dashboard, the use of TAUtilities to allow various reporting applications to interface with TestArchitect, and extending TestArchitect to work with third-party WPF controls.

Part 4: Getting started with Mobile Web Testing
Explore Mobile Web Testing with TestArchitect.

Part 5: Getting started with Mobile Application Testing
Explore Mobile Application Testing with TestArchitect.

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