Administration Guide

Learn how to set up and administrate the License Server, the Repository Server, etc.

Repository Server Management
The repository server handles read and write requests from TestArchitect Client, TestArchitect Controller, and third party applications.

Users and passwords
TestArchitect user administration responsibilities include maintaining user accounts and assigning projects to each account. If warranted by security needs, sensitive passwords used for access to an AUT may also be encrypted.

User-defined fields
TestArchitect allows you to create your own custom fields for your project items, to use as you require.

Tool Profiles
Using Tool Profiles, you can configure TestArchitect to support integration with external third-party tools. In addition, its support for LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) allows your TestArchitect login credentials to be established through your system account, avoiding the need for a separate sign on. Finally, Tool Profiles includes several predefined harnesses, which are scripts or programs that interpret and execute the action lines of a test sequence.

License server for TestArchitect
TestArchitect is sold on a node-locked or floating license basis. You must license your copy of TestArchitect before you can use it.

Default port numbers and port ranges
Default port numbers and ranges assigned by TestArchitect to its various applications, services, and other components.

This chapter involves connection establishment among TestArchitect components.

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