The purposes and goals of the test modules, test cases and test objectives.

Test modules are composed of test cases and test objectives. Test cases allow you to divide the action lines of a module into logical groupings, as one might similarly group the sentences of an essay into paragraphs. Test objectives are statements in which you can “flesh out” the scope of the test module, by providing more details about each test case.

Creating a test folder
It is generally recommended that, for projects of any significant size, you always use test folders to organize your test modules.

Creating a test module
Test development and execution are based on test modules, which consist of test cases and test objectives.

Creating a test module variation
Test module variation enhances modularity by limiting test changes to applicable sections, while allowing your test to otherwise remain intact from one version to the next.

Exporting and importing tests
Test module folders, test modules and test cases can be exported to files in variety of formats (for example, .ZIP, CSV, or .HTML) for archiving purposes or viewing in other applications. These files can also be imported into TestArchitect.

Test cases
Test cases are used to arrange the contents of a test module into logical divisions.

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