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HTML5 support

An introduction to the basics of TestArchitect automation when working with HTML5 applications.

HTML5 is an HTML standard that provides new elements, attributes and APIs.

TestArchitect for HTML5 is an adaptation of the TestArchitect framework for software test automation. It provides for Action Based Testing™ (ABT) of your HTML5 applications.

TestArchitect may be employed to test HTML5 applications. Specifically, TestArchitect creates automated tests for web sites that include HTML5 tags for video, audio, and imaging including the <canvas> element, as well as <svg>. TestArchitect can also be used to record and play back user interactions with HTML5 content. (See the following topics for details Action Recorder and Using the Action Recorder).


To test HTML5 applications with TestArchitect, ensure that the TestArchitect Automation Agent extension is installed and enabled in the target browser (see TestArchitect browser extension).

HTML5 enhancements
TestArchitect offers significant enhancements for automating an AUT on HTML5. It also provides better support for existing built-in actions and introduces new supplemented built-in actions for the support of HTML5 audio/video controls.

HTML5 Capture - Example # 1
An example showing how the Element Identification dialog box can be used to capture HTML5 tags (controls).

HTML5 Capture - Example # 2
The Interface Viewer can be used to capture HTML5 tags (controls).

HTML5 Capture - Example # 3
An illustration of how existing built-in actions support HTML5 tags (controls).

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