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List of supported browser-based actions

Built-in actions supported by TestArchitect for testing web applications.

Below is the full list of TestArchitect built-in actions that support browser interfaces:

Browsingcheck status bar value
delete cookies
exec script
fire event
get status bar value
go back
go forward
go home

Controls, Elementscheck
check control exists
check control not exists
check control property
check tab order
does control exist
focus control
get control property
is control focused

List, Tables & Gridscheck item exists
check item not exists
check list item order
check list order
check selected count
check selected items
check table cell value
click list item
click table cell
does item exist
get column number
get list check
get list item count
get selected count
get selected items
get table cell containing
get table cell value
set list check

Textboxcheck pattern in text
check pattern not in text

WebView on mobile web applicationscheck displayed text
get displayed text

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