Troubleshooting web automation

A discussion of issues you may encounter when automating tests on web browsers, and possible solutions to these problems. FAQs are also mentioned.

Why can’t I execute web automated tests with TestArchitect?

How to capture interfaces to run cross-browser tests?

How do I execute cross-browser automated tests?

Can TestArchitect capture pop-up windows without titles in Mozilla Firefox?

How should errors during automated tests be handled?

How do I enable the TestArchitect Automation Agent in Mozilla Firefox on Linux?

How to verify a control if its value starts with the pound key?

How to capture interfaces if different windows appear based on the user credentials?

Google Chrome: Unable to use the Interface Viewer or the Identify features

Google Chrome: Unable to run automated tests

Why does my automated test fail to locate a web element on the page?

Safari macOS: Unable to restore the Interface Viewer from the Dock

Incompatible add-on on Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge: Unable to launch the browser or run automated tests

Google Chrome: Unable to identify web controls or run automated tests because modal dialog boxes appear

Mozilla Firefox: Unable to launch the browser or run automated tests

How to capture UI controls on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge?

How to bypass Insecure password warning in Firefox during automation testing?

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