Adding new licenses

New license keys or credentias received from the LogiGear sales team may be added to your license server from the License Server Control Panel.

  1. On the license server machine, launch the License Server Control Panel:

    • Windows platform: do one of the following:
      • Double-click the TestArchitect - License Server icon in your Windows notification area.
      • Select Start Menu > All Programs > TestArchitect > License Server.
    • Linux platform: do one of the following:
      • Double-click the TestArchitect - License Server icon in your notification area.
      • From a terminal window, navigate to /usr/local/logigear/licenseserver/licenseserver and run the TestArchitect License Server executable.
    • macOS: Note that the TestArchitect License Server is not currently supported on macOS.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Add License button.

  3. From TestArchitect 9.0 onward, a LogiGear account is required for License Server. The credential of this account is the username and password you set when registering an account on the TestArchitect website.

    The License Key option is only available to specific customers.

  4. In the dialog Add License, select the option “Login with credential information” and input the account information into the username and password fields. Click the button OK.

    Adding license successfully will be displayed as below:

    • If the license server is stopped, click Start on the toolbar to restart it.
    • Repeat the procedures above when you switch License Servers. Ensure that you already logged out by removing the license in the current License Server before setting up another machine.

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