Managing the license server

How to start and stop the license server, change the server port, and create a redundant license server.

Starting and stopping the server
The license server can be started and stopped from the License Server Control Panel.

Changing the license server port number
You can change the connection port on which a license server listens and grants license connection requests.

Configuring proxy settings for a license server

You can configure proxy using the Proxy settings in Tools menu

Creating a redundant license server
A redundant license server can be set up as a backup for an existing license server. When your primary license server goes down, the redundant license server is automatically and seamlessly activated.

Unblocking a redundant license server
After a 72-hour period of continuous operation following the failure or absence of a primary license server, a redundant license server blocks further requests for licenses. If your primary server remains unavailable, send an activation key request to LogiGear for an extension of the redundant server’s operation.

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