Managing licenses

The processes of license conversion, reclaiming, redirecting, and removing.

TestArchitect editions
TestArchitect Team, and TestArchitect Enterprise editions of TestArchitect offer a range of capabilities tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Viewing license limits information
You can view your limits information in current On-Premises License Server.

Viewing license information
You can access current TestArchitect Client licensing information from the TestArchitect Client Help menu.

License conversion
With floating licenses, TestArchitect Client licenses can be shared by multiple users within the same organization on a non-concurrent basis.

Node-locked licenses A node-locked license is tied to a specific machine for a certain period of time, but, within some constraints, may be reassigned.

Upgrading node-locked into floating license keys
Node locked license keys by convention are not convertible into floating license keys. However, it is possible to upgrade node-locked into floating license keys, when you request a new upgrade key from LogiGear sales representative.

Transferring host-based licenses
A license dedicated to a particular host can be reassigned to a different host as needed.

Removing licenses
Floating (Universal), Node-Locked, and Floating Agent licenses can be removed from the license server. This is useful for clearing out expired licenses key or remove all the licenses added by credential information.

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