User-defined fields

In addition to its contents, every project item in TestArchitect has various metadata associated with it. Such fields as Name, Assigned user, Description and Creation date can be viewed by opening a given item and clicking on its Information tab. In addition to these predefined fields, TestArchitect allows you to create your own custom fields for project items, to use in accordance with your requirements.

A user-defined field enables you to store additional information for project items. Furthermore, user-defined fields can be useful in integrating your project with external tools, such as HP Quality Center. You can often enhance the utility of an external tool with custom fields that allow more data to be exchanged between the tool and your project items.

Creating a user-defined field
There may be times when you’ll want to augment the set of fields that TestArchitect provides for a given project item type. You can do that by creating new fields and adding them to the item type definition.

Editing a user-defined field
You can edit the Name, Short Name, or Default Value properties of all user-defined fields.

Deleting a user-defined field
If you no longer need a user-defined field, you can delete it.

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