Additional features of TFS-MTM

A discussion of additional key features of TestArchitect and TFS-MTM integration.

Disassociating TestArchitect and Team Foundation Server test cases in Visual Studio
When you no longer want to keep the association, you can disassociate TestArchitect tests from TFS tests.

Creating matching custom fields in TestArchitect and Team Foundation Server
User-defined fields in TestArchitect are automatically mapped to TFS custom fields when the names and data types match.

Upgrading build assemblies of the TestArchitect plug-in
When the TA-TFS plug-in is installed, its information is stored in build assembly files. Whenever you upgrade the plug-in to a newer version, the assembly files also need to be upgraded, by either manual or automatic means.

Switching to a different Team Foundation Server account
When making queries to a TFS server from a TestArchitect repository, you need a TFS account to authenticate the query. If necessary, you have the option of switching from the current TFS account to a different account.

Displaying test results in a browser
TestArchitect test results may be opened in a web browser on any machine. TestArchitect need not be installed to view the results.

Specifying a value for Team Foundation Server build number field
Within TFS, for each test run that is recorded, a run build number must be supplied. This allows you to find the test runs quickly based on the build number.

TestArchitect-Team Foundation Server Extensibility
The TA-TFS Extensibility feature offers you, by means of TestArchitect-supported API methods, the ability to extend and customize the environment for executing automated test cases.

TestArchitect Execution dialog box
The TestArchitect Execution dialog box is invoked, when TestArchitect automated runs are executed via MTM.

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