Setting up the integration environment for on-premises Team Foundation Server

The following topics discuss the tasks required to set up a TFS-MTM integrated environment, including setup of required Visual Studio components, and the TestArchitect plug-in.

The installation process is comprised of two parts:

  • installing the required Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) components, and
  • configuring TestArchitect clients based on their roles – specifically, test development or test execution.

Installing and configuring Microsoft components for on-premises Team Foundation Server
This section and its subtopics list out a number of components of Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) environment that need to be installed and configured for on-premises TFS.

Authoring test procedures under Team Foundation Server
This section describes how to set up a TestArchitect project to allow for tests to be managed and exchanged with TFS. With your TA project integrated with TFS-MTM, you can import TFS test cases and test suites into TA and, conversely, upload TA test cases, test modules and test folders into TFS.

Running automated tests under on-premises Team Foundation Server
With TFS-MTM integration in place, you have the option of launching your automated TA tests from either environment. And in both cases, you can have your test results automatically (or manually) sent to TFS.

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