Remote test execution

The TestArchitect system allows you to launch a test on remote hosts and/or devices attached to the hosts, provided that each host has a TestArchitect Controller installed.

This capability has a number of benefits, including:

  • Running tests side-by-side, using same or different data sets, on multiple platforms and hardware configurations.
  • Testing applications involving communication between two or more machines.
  • Concurrency testing involving applications accessing the same shared resources.

The initiation of a remote execution run takes place in one of two ways:

  • Asynchronous: the operator simply redirecting a test run onto one or more remote controllers and/or devices at runtime.
  • Synchronous: remote execution directed from within the test module.

Asynchronous remote execution
Asynchronous testing allows you to run a test on multiple remote controllers.

Synchronous remote execution
In synchronous remote execution, tests are run that typically involve multiple machines interacting with each other, or accessing the same resource.

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