Getting Help

How to access TestArchitect Docs, and how to activate context-specific help on dialog boxes, built-in actions, and TestArchitect explorer tree items.

Displaying TestArchitect Docs

TestArchitect Docs may be invoked by doing any one of the following:

Accessing context-specific TestArchitect Docs

In addition to the general Help system, TestArchitect offers various shortcuts to let you get to the specific Help page of your current area of interest:

Dialog boxes

Help is available for most of the dialog boxes that appear in TestArchitect. Generally, one or more of the following options are available to invoke Help on an open dialog box:

Built-in actions, built-in settings

TestArchitect comes packaged with hundreds of built-in actions and built-in settings that form the core components of your tests. The Help system provides a reference page for each built-in action, and built-in setting which includes a description of the action’s purpose, the arguments that it accepts, the contexts in which it can be applied, and examples of its use. From within the test editor, after entering an action’s name, or setting’s name you can invoke its reference page by doing the following:

  1. Place the cell pointer in the cell containing the action, or setting’s name.
  2. Press F1.

Project items (in the TestArchitect explorer tree)

The TestArchitect explorer tree displays nodes for various types of items, such as projects and project items (test modules, interfaces, etc.), tools and administrative nodes. More information on a given type of node may be obtained by selecting it in the explorer tree, then doing any one of the following:

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