Result Details tab

The Result Details tab displays a detailed (line-by-line) log of the test execution, which can be essential for test run analysis and debugging.

For each execution of an action line, the effect and/or test result is automatically recorded by TestArchitect. The line-by-line details are available for viewing in the Result Details tab.

The Result Details tab is only available when the test results are viewed on a web browser.

A result line consists of

Click to expand and view additional details for each action’s results. Below is an example of the result details for the login action.


Additional functions

The Result Details tab also provide additional functions, such as, turning on the execution time reporting for all action lines, number of displayed action lines per page, collapsing/expanding all action lines, etc.

  1. Option:
    • Show Start Time & Run Duration: Display the start time and duration of each action’s execution.

    • Show recorded screenshots: Displays all logged screenshots captured during test automation. Note that TestArchitect captures screenshots only for UI-interacting actions, and posts to the local test result only those matching the specifications provided at the start of execution (in the Screen recording panel of the Execute Test dialog box).

      Recorded screenshots are only available to local test results. They are unavailable to repository test results. (Learn more.)

    • Show revision timestamp: Display the executed revision of each project item involved, such as user-defined actions, interface entities, and data sets.

  2. Collapse all sections.
  3. Expand all sections.
  4. Change number of items displayed per page, such as, 20, 25, 30 items, etc.
  5. Click the captured screenshots to launch the screenshot viewer to view the screenshots of UI-interacting actions.

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