Log Information tab

The contents of Log Information are organized into a tab when the test results are viewed on a web browser; whereas they are organized into a sub-section when the test results are viewed on TestArchitect Client.

Log Information section: This section displays the logging information from the report actions, that is, report, report check, report warning, and report error in the test procedure. Expanding this section by clicking button displays the following information:

Table 1. Log information

LineThe line number in the action line where the report action appears. The line number is color-coded to indicate the type of reporting action and/or result. Clicking on the line number text opens the Result Details tab, displaying the corresponding line in its execution context.
- report: black.
- report check: red if Failed is returned for the result argument, otherwise, green.
- report error: red.
- report warning: orange.

MessageThe textual description as specified by the text argument of the given report action.
ActionThe particular report action. Click the action name to view the corresponding action line in the Result Details tab.
Test caseID and the title of the test case where the log information is reported. Click the test case number to view the corresponding test case in the Result Details tab.

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