Test objectives

Test objectives provide details of scope of the tests of a test module.

Adding a test objective

Test objectives are verbal statements detailing the goals of the tests in a test module. They are not mandatory, but in many projects they can help clarify why certain actions are taken and checks are performed. Because test cases can be related to test objectives, test objectives also can assist in assessing the completeness of a test by helping answer the question “Are all objectives of a test module achieved by the test cases in there ?”

Declaring test objectives
The first step in creating test objectives is to declare them in the Objectives section of the test module.

Inserting test objectives into a test case
After declaring test objectives in the Objectives section, you can insert test objectives into a test case.

Modifying test objectives
Various fields of a test objective can be edited by you.

Deleting test objectives
Test objectives can be deleted from a test module when no longer needed.

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