export command

ta export is used to export Test Architect items such as repository, project, test folder, built-in actions, interface entities, test modules/test cases using the command-line interface.

Applies to TestArchitect 8.4 Update 3 and higher


ta export -rep <repository> -u <username> -p <password>[Optional arguments]




Displays the help information for the export command


Specifies the name or ID of the repository


  • -rep “SampleRepository”
  • -rep “bkpzf0xoy9ku”


Specifies the user name to log in to the repository


Specifies the password to log in to the repository.
Example: -p “aeteyfghdt13”
you can exact the encrypted password of a given username from a test execution batch file.



Specifies the IP address or machine name of the repository server.
Example: -rs
  • The port number must fall within a range of 53400 to 53499
  • The default machine name is localhost and port number is 53400.


Specifies the name or ID of the project.
  • -prj “Car Rental”
  • -prj “10jqmmcsw8”


Specifies the full path or ID of test module, data set, user-defined action or interface entity to be exported
  • Test module: -src “/Action-based Testing Basics/Action Based Testing”


Specifies full path of exported file/folder.
  • Unless you defines this argument, TestArchitect will export to the current user’s location.
  • If the path includes a file name, this name will be assigned to the exported file; otherwise, the name of the exported file/folder will be derived from that of the original item.
  • Network paths are supported.
  • If the path contains spaces, enclose it in double quotes("").


Determines whether to export either test cases or test modules.
Applicable values:
  • yes: Export test cases only.
  • no: (Default) Export test modules only.
Example: -tco “yes”



Determines whether to create a folder corresponding to each test module in order to hold its test cases. The folder is named after the corresponding test module.
Applicable values
  • yes: Create folders
  • no: (Default) Do not create test folders
This argument only works if the value of the tco argument is yes
Example: -fld “yes”


Adds text or the value of user-defined field as a prefix to the names of .csv files.
  • For text prefix: -pre “test”
  • For user-defined field prefix: -pre “<name of a user-defined field>"

    The name of user-defined field must be enclosed by angle brackets (<>).

  • -pre “test”

    Assuming that the name of the test case is TC01. The output would be testTC01.

  • -pre “<Source>"

    Assuming that the value of the Source field is sap; the name of the test case is TC01. The output would be sapTC01.



Determines whether the items are exported into a compressed file (.zip) or a folder.
Applicable values:
  • yes: Export into a compressed file.
  • no: (Default) Export into a folder.
Example: -zip “yes”



Determines whether to overwrite the file/folder if it already exists.
Applicable values:
  • yes: Overwrite
  • no: (Default) Do not overwrite
Example: -o “yes”

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