Serial synchronous remote execution

Under serial synchronous remote execution, control is initiated with the lead controller.

The lead eventually passes control off to a deputy, which continues to execute compiled action lines fed to it by the lead until the lead takes back control, or perhaps passes control to a different deputy. This continues under the direction of the use lead and use deputy actions. What should be noted is that, at any given point in time, execution takes place on one, and only one machine.

A typical test case employing serial synchronous execution might look something like this:

In the above action lines sequence, each connect deputy action (lines 17 and 18) creates a connection between a lead controller machine and deputy controller machine for remote test execution. The initial use deputy action (line 21) informs the lead controller that the subsequent lines are to be fed to Deputy 1 for execution. This continues until the use deputy (26) action is encountered, whereupon the lines following it are executed on Deputy 2. Subsequently, use lead (30) is invoked so that all remaining action lines are run on the lead controller. Finally, since all deputy machines are no longer needed, they are disconnected with disconnect deputy actions.

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