Does TestArchitect support data-driven test automation?

Data-driven testing is strongly supported by TestArchitect’s worksheet-like interface and database architecture. TestArchitect goes far beyond data-driven testing with the Action Based Testing keyword framework.

To use project management’s “work breakdown structure” as an analogy, the data-driven approach breaks down automation work into two parts: scripts and data. Action Based Testing breaks down the work even further, with scripts, tests and data each broken out into small, separately maintainable building blocks. This results in a much more advanced, structured and elegant approach.

Separating scripts and data with the data-driven approach allows testers to make changes to data without help from automation engineers, and of course makes the data component far more scalable. In Action Based Testing, external data is simply one aspect of the approach, and in fact is far better supported within the keyword framework. The result is improved control and effectiveness over all aspects of testing, including data.

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