Dashboard panels

Panels are the primary means of presenting project information on the Dashboard. They show data retrieved from underlying data profiles known as report profiles in TestArchitect Client.

A single panel can be added (instantiated) or cloned multiple times to one or more pages, which we call panel instances. Each instance of a panel can be constrained to a different folder. Each panel instance can have unique settings, and the ability to save those settings is determined by the user’s permissions (see Dashboard authentication and permissions for more details).

The default panel settings on the Overview and Execution Dashboard can be changed permanently by an administrator. Guest users can only view panels. Other users may change the panel settings but those settings are only effective for the current session.

Adding a predefined panel
TestArchitect has a wide range of predefined panels that you can choose from to present data from your project.

Cloning a panel
Cloning a panel is a way to quickly copy an existing panel including all customized settings.

Updating a panel
Updating a panel refreshes the panel with the latest filtering data from the data profile.

Panel templates
A panel template provides the basic framework that brings together common elements found in Dashboard panels.

Chart settings
You can customize how data are presented on a chart panel.

Indicator settings
An indicator panel displays user-selectable data in a tabular format, in which data meeting a certain criteria can be highlighted for quick viewing.

Report settings
A report displays detailed information on the progress of a test and gives insight into the test runs and their results.

Heat map settings
A heat map panel displays user-selectable data in a graphical tabular format where data meeting certain criteria that occur in a consecutive manner are noted and highlighted for quick viewing.

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