This section describes concepts of TestArchitect’s Dashboard and shows you how to use the Dashboard to support your testing tasks, track progress and display results.

The TestArchitect Dashboard is a web–based application that connects directly to a TestArchitect repository and receives project information from it. This information can be presented as customizable graphs, charts, indicators, and reports to help you analyze and manage test projects.

Starting the Dashboard
A Dashboard instance is accessible from TestArchitect Client, TestArchitect Lab Manager, or a browser.

Dashboard pages
A Dashboard page acts as a container for one or more panels, arranged in columns, that display metrics about your tests and test projects.

Dashboard panels
Panels are the primary means of presenting project information on the Dashboard. They show data retrieved from underlying data profiles known as report profiles in TestArchitect Client.

Data profiles
Similar to the report profile found in TestArchitect Client, a data profile for a dashboard panel is a set of customized data. In fact, report profiles defined in TestArchitect Client may be used as data profiles for Dashboard panels, and vice versa.

Category and series
A panel’s Category and Series settings determine which data are displayed on the chart, and how they are presented.

Dashboard permissions
The ability to add, modify and delete items in a Dashboard session depends on the credentials of the logged-in user.

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