Create a new project

You create a project to organize and store project information in TestArchitect. When you create a new project, TestArchitect automatically generates the containers (such as a Tests folder, Actions folder, etc.) for the project items (test modules, actions, etc.) that will belong to the project. Users can be logically assigned to a project, allowing them to work in it.

Ensure that your TestArchitect Client is running and connected to a repository.

To create a new project:

  1. Assuming you already have a repository to host your project, right-click its node in the TestArchitect explorer tree, then select New Project.

  2. In the New Project dialog box, enter the following information:

    • Name: The project’s name.
    • Key: A key for the project, used as a prefix for TestArchitect bug IDs. (registered and unregistered). This key may consist of alphabetic and/or numeric characters. It is suggested that you ensure it is unique across all your projects, for easy identification of your documented bugs.
    • Description: A short description of the project.
  3. Click Create to create a new project.

The new project appears as a node under the repository node and contains the following project folders:

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