Test folders and test modules

Tests in TestArchitect are centered around test modules. In a project, test modules of a similar nature can be are organized into a test folder. Test modules inside a test folder can be further organized into subfolders.

In TestArchitect, the tests of a project are organized into test modules. A test module is further organized into test cases, each comprised of a sequence of action lines. Action lines are the procedural “steps” of a test process, each one invoking a particular action that is either pre-defined in TestArchitect (a built-in action), or written by you or your colleagues (user-defined or user-scripted action).

Ideally, you author and organize your tests so that each test module of a given project tests some well-defined aspect of the application under test, such as the functionality of a window or major feature of the software. Test cases allow you to organize the action lines of the module into logical groupings, much as one forms the sentences of an essay into paragraphs. Hence the test cases of a module should each be logically distinct, yet share some common set of objectives.

The Tests node is the repository for your test modules. For purposes of organizing your tests, this folder can be further organized into subfolders to hold your test modules. This is helpful for projects with a multitude of test modules, and in which commonalities exist amongst groups of modules.

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