Use filters to reduce the set of items displayed in an item list view, and to limit operations to those items.

Beneath each list view column header is a filter control box. Each column’s filter box controls which row items are displayed. For each filter expression in a given filter box, only those row items whose corresponding contents in that field satisfy the expression are displayed.

List view filtering does not change the underlying list view data in any way. As soon as all filters are removed (by clearing all filter boxes or clicking the Clear filters button) all data reappears, exactly the same as it was before.

There are three types of control box filters:

Defining filters for more than one column has the same effect as placing the AND logical operator between the column filters. Only row items that meet all filtering requirements are displayed in the filtered list view. Each time you press the Enter key or lose the focus on the filtering box or select a filter from the list box, list view updates and displays only rows of elements that satisfy all filtering criteria.

TestArchitect automatically saves each set of list view filtering criteria every time you close a list view. The next time you open the same list view, the same saved filtering criteria are automatically applied.

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