Project items

TestArchitect has the facility to manage, control, view and edit project items.

Project files are subjected to revision control at every checkout and check-in. A TestArchitect repository stores project files, including their descriptions and settings, in a database. Double-clicking items such as actions, test modules, data sets, interfaces and results brings up a list view for which items in a particular node and subnodes can be conveniently viewed and managed. In the list view, you can check in, check out, delete and edit selected project items.

Every time you rename an argument, an action, a test module, an interface entity, an interface element, or a data set, all references to the renamed entity are automatically updated accordingly. Automatic renaming applies to both subscription renaming and variation renaming.

Test folders and test modules
Tests in TestArchitect are centered around test modules. In a project, test modules of a similar nature can be are organized into a test folder. Test modules inside a test folder can be further organized into subfolders.

Data sets
Data sets contain rows of values that can be executed retrieved by a test and acted on sequentially.

Test suites
A test suite is a collection of test modules of a project. Test modules organized into a given test suite usually have some common feature for which it makes sense to have them grouped together, generally for execution purposes.

TestArchitect bugs
A bug in TestArchitect is a failure in an automation run which impairs or prevents the proper functioning of the automated test, and which can generally be attributed either to a bug in the application under test, or to a problem with the test itself. From hereon, any such bug is referred to as a TestArchitect bug, or TA bug.

Revision control
Revision control is the process used to track and control changes made to project items in a repository. Changes to an item are identified by its revision timestamp (which includes date and time accurate to a small fraction of a second), the user making the changes, and other information, when the item is checked in.

Name change propagation
A TestArchitect feature that automatically updates all references to a given entity when you rename that entity.

List view
List view displays a list of all items contained in the selected node and its subfolders. You can manage items directly in list view.

Picture checks
A picture check is used to store image bitmaps, known as baseline pictures, which can be compared during testing against bitmaps produced by the AUT.

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