Interpreting the Web Interface Viewer

The Web Interface Viewer is a powerful feature that instantly generates robust web element locators (XPath, CSS selector, ID, Name, etc.) for web test automation.

It allows you to inspect a web element to generate a locator, and then save it to TestArchitect interface entities.

The Web Interface Viewer toolbar:

  1. Inspect button: A toggle button. Click it once to turn Inspecting mode on, and again to turn this mode off. When Inspecting mode is on, move your mouse to highlight a target element then left click to generate a locator. The Inspecting mode is turned off automatically after your interaction.

    Hot key: CTRL + SHIFT + X.

    Available modes:

    • ON:
    • OFF:
  2. Select locator type combobox: This combobox shows the current locator type(s) of the capturing element.

    Allowable values:

    • XPath: select locator type is XPath
    • CSS Selector: select locator type is CSS Selector
    • Id: select locator type is Id
    • Name: select locator type is Name
    • Class: select locator type is Class
    • Tag Name: select locator type is Tag Name

    : the available values depend on the inspecting element.

  3. Locator value textbox: Show the suggested locator value of the inspecting element. You can input or modify a locator value directly in this textbox.

  4. Find button: Find all elements in the web page matching with the current locator.

  5. Copy button: Copy the current locator value to clipboard

  6. TA Name textbox: Required to save a locator to TestArchitect interface. Specifies a logical TA Name for the associated element.

  7. Export button: Save the current locator with the specified TA name to TestArchitect interface.

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