Mapping controls to unmatched elements

Interface elements identify controls in an application window. It is possible, often as a result of an application change, for an interface element to lose its mapping to its associated control. We call this an “unmatched” element, and the cause is generally a change in one or more property values of the control. When this occurs, you must remap the control to the unmatched element.

The Interface Viewer offers a convenient way to remap unmatched controls:

  1. Launch the Interface Viewer.

  2. Map an unmatched control by performing the following steps:

    1. In the Interface Elements panel, select an unmatched interface element. Unmatched elements are indicated with a red crossed circle .

    2. In the UI Explorer tree, select that control which is to be remapped to the selected interface element.

    3. From the Viewer’s toolbar, click Map to unmatched element .

      Fastpath: Alternatively,

      • right-click the selection, and then either select Map to Unmatched Element, or
      • select Tools > Map Entity/Element in the main menu.

The UI Explorer and Interface Elements panels reflect the new mapping for the control.

If you prefer to remove an unmatched interface element, rather than remap a control to it, simply edit the interface entity that contains the element and delete it.

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