Identifying interface elements and controls

The Interface Viewer provides a few means of assisting you in relating nodes on the GUI Element Tree to actual physical items, and vice-versa. These can be used during the mapping process, or just to obtain information, such as finding the property-value pairs for a given control or window.

Point-to-identify mode
When using the Interface Viewer to explore a complex window with many layers of controls, it is sometimes difficult to locate the UI explorer tree node corresponding to a given physical control. The point-to-identify feature, invoked via the Identify button on the Viewer’s toolbar, simplifies this process.

The Highlight feature of the Interface Viewer might be considered the flip side of the point-to-identify coin. Whereas point-to-identify allows you to start with a known control or window on an application and find its node in the UI explorer panel, Highlight allows you to start from a node in the tree and locate the physical object it represents.

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