Automatically uploading TestArchitect test results to Zephyr

You can configure TestArchitect to automatically upload test results to Zephyr upon conclusion of a test run.

TestArchitect-Zephyr integration supports the following versions of Zephyr.

Ensure that you have already taken the following steps:


To automatically upload TestArchitect test results to Zephyr after execution:

  1. In TestArchitect, initiate the Execute Test dialog box.

  2. Switch to the Advanced tab and then select the select the Upload result to Zephyr checkbox.

  3. Under the Upload result to Zephyr checkbox,

    1. Click the Browse button.

    2. In the Select location in Zephyr dialog box, select the destination in Zephyr where you want to upload the TestArchitect test result.

    3. Deselect the Include attachment checkbox if you do not want to upload the details of the test result(s) as attachment(s) in ZIP format to Zephyr, but only the execution status of the test case(s) and its/their individual test steps.

  4. Click the Execute button in the Execute Test dialog box.

    As soon as the test run finishes or is terminated, TestArchitect will upload the corresponding test results to the specified location in Zephyr.

To view the uploaded results on Zephyr, see Viewing uploaded test results on Zephyr.

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