Setting up the connection with Zephyr

Before you start working with Zephyr, you need to set up TestArchitect and Zephyr.

TestArchitect-Zephyr integration supports the following versions of Zephyr.

Begin by connecting your TestArchitect repository to a Zephyr server, which involves the following tasks:

Registering the Zephyr server
Registering the Zephyr server is the first action you need to perform to prepare a TestArchitect-Zephyr integrated environment.

Mapping a TestArchitect project to a Zephyr project
Mapping a TestArchitect project to a project in Zephyr allows for tests to be transferred bidirectionally between the two projects.

Configuring ZBots and installing ZIPs
In order to execute TestArchitect test cases or test modules from Zephyr, a Zephyr Bot (ZBot) agent is required to form the link between the Zephyr server and the TestArchitect Client on your machine. Additionally, a custom TestArchitect ZIP project must be deployed on the TestArchitect Client machine.

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