Features - JIRA integration

Features of TestArchitect’s JIRA integration tool.

TA bug information
Information regarding a TA bug is presented in two tabs. The Information tab contains general information about the bug. The Related Items tab lists those test modules whose execution exposes the bug.

Working with JIRA attachments
You can attach files from TestArchitect to a JIRA bug.

Submitting TestArchitect bugs to JIRA server
Submitting a bug from TestArchitect directly to a JIRA server creates a new JIRA bug on the server.

Adding JIRA-support fields to TestArchitect
Registered TA bugs, by default, have the fields Summary, Description, Source and Status, all of which can be kept in sync with the associated JIRA bug. User-defined fields can be created in TestArchitect to accept values from other fields of a JIRA bug.

Integrating JIRA and TestArchitect bug tracking
For tracking and resolving bugs, JIRA and TestArchitect complement each other well.

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