Azure DevOps Services integration

Azure DevOps evolved from Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Known as an online version of Team Foundation Server, it both provides an integrated, collaborative environment that supports Git, continuous integration, and Agile tools for planning and tracking work.

Configuring TA for an Azure DevOps connection
Use the TestArchitect external tool to set up a repository for integration with an Azure DevOps account.

Mapping a TA project to an Azure DevOps project
Mapping a TestArchitect project to an Azure DevOps team project allows you to upload test results to Azure DevOps.

Mapping TestAchitect test modules to ADO test cases

Use generated test case IDs to map ADO test cases to TestArchitect test modules.

Mapping TestArchitect test cases to ADO test cases

Use generated test case IDs to map ADO test cases to TestArchitect test cases.

Uploading TestArchitect test results to Azure DevOps Services

TestArchitect test results from test projects which are mapped to ADO can be uploaded to ADO manually or automatically.

Executing test from ADO

As an alternative to executing tests from TestArchitect, TestArchitect test cases and test modules may be executed from Azure DevOps.

Switching to different Azure DevOps account

When making queries to Azure DevOps Services from a TestArchitect repository, you need an ADO account to authenticate the query. If necessary, you have the option of switching from the current ADO account to a different account.

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