Favorite items

Keep track of TestArchitect project items which you visit frequently by storing them as favorites.

With favorites, you can:

  • Save time. Use the Favorites toolbar for quick retrieval of your favorite project items and add to more favorite items. Additionally, you can use the favorite list view to search through your favorites with pre-defined filters.
  • Retrieve your favorites from any test machine. No matter which host machine you may be on, you can access your favorites from a given repository after you have logged in to it, whether it is local or remote.

Test modules, data sets, user-defined actions, interface entities, test suites and repository results can be added to favorites. (Remaining entities, such as built-in actions or local results, cannot be added to favorites.)

When you log in to a repository on another test machine with your account, all changes that you make to your favorite items will instantly show up on that test machine.

  • If you disconnect or log out from a repository which has reference to your favorites, all those favorites are removed automatically from the Favorite list view and from the toolbar in your TestArchitect Client session.
  • If you connect or log in to a repository, all favorites in that repository are appended automatically to your Favorites list view and to the current toolbar.

Adding items to favorites
Instead of memorizing favorite items, use TestArchitect Favorites to easily save items you’d like to revisit.

Opening favorite items
You can open your favorite items from the toolbar or from the Favorites list view.

Removing favorites
Use the Favorite list view if you need to remove a favorite item or multiple favorite items at once.

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