Diff tool

The TestArchitect Diff Tool offers you a visual and convenient means of determining the differences between two similar project items, or differences in the contents of similar TestArchitect explorer tree nodes or folders.

As a test author, you may at times find yourself in the position of needing to inspect two text-based project items that are related in some way, to compare them for their differences. You may also find it necessary to compare two similar TestArchitect explorer tree nodes or folders to understand how their contents differ, perhaps within a project or across projects, or even across repositories.

See the following topics for further information on using the TestArchitect Diff Tool:

Using Diff Tool for project item comparisons
This topic describes the use of the Diff Tool to compare two project items, such as test modules or data sets, or revisions of a given project item.

Using Diff Tool for folder comparisons
The TestArchitect Diff Tool can be used to detect and display the differences between two TestArchitect explorer tree folders. It can also be used to synchronize folders.

Using Diff Tool with other third-party products
Integrating TestArchitect with other differencing and merging tools.

Table of keyboard shortcuts in the Diff Tool
In Diff Tool, you can use shortcut keys to perform many different tasks quickly or to work without a mouse.

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