Advanced features of TestArchitect Client

This section shows several features and tools that are a bit beyond the basics.

TestArchitect has a number of search commands available. You can find an item in the explorer tree, or a text string in files like test modules or action definitions.

Help system extensibility
Custom actions require complete documentation to ensure correct usage.

TestArchitect Client can be configured to your requirements with a large collection of customizable features.

Opening recently used items
TestArchitect maintains a history list of your recently viewed project items such as test modules, actions and data sets, and lets you access that list to conveniently reopen those items in the editor.

Recovering closed tabs
Within a given session, TestArchitect Client keeps track of the tabs you have closed and provides you with a convenient means to reopen your recently closed tabs.

Favorite items
Keep track of TestArchitect project items which you visit frequently by storing them as favorites.

TestArchitect URL
Within a TestArchitect repository, unique URLs are automatically assigned to various project items. This allows hyperlinks to be embedded into documents, such as spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents.

OCR Detector tool
The OCR Detector tool is used to improve the ability of OCR-related built-in actions to recognize texts.

Diff tool
The TestArchitect Diff Tool offers you a visual and convenient means of determining the differences between two similar project items, or differences in the contents of similar TestArchitect explorer tree nodes or folders.

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