Capturing screenshots in Web Testing

TestArchitect currently provides two ways of capturing screenshots:

Generally, both ways support your screen capturing but the processing method and output result(s) are different. You can see the comparison below:
Table 1. Table comparison

Headless modeYesNo
Multiple executionsYesNo
Minimize windowYesNo
Capture full screenNo. Users have to specify the window argument in order to capture the screenYes. Just leave the window argument empty to capture full screen.
Pop-up dialogsNoYes
Expanding HTML drop-down listNo. The browser may close expanding drop-down list unexpectedly when capturing screenshot.Yes. Just leave the window argument empty to capture full screen that including the expanding drop-down list.
HTML documentCapture the viewport onlyCapture the title bar, the task bar, and the view port
Extend monitorSupportNo

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