Testing Silverlight applications

Information specific to Silverlight application testing.

Silverlight applications are rich Internet applications (RIA) that can run in web browsers and on the desktop (out-of-browser). With TestArchitect, you can create and run automated tests for Silverlight applications.

Microsoft ceased development of Silverlight. However, Silverlight continues working in TestArchitect.

Testing Silverlight applications - Overview
TestArchitect provides full support for automated testing of applications based on Microsoft Silverlight technology.

Supported Silverlight technologies
Silverlight applications are rich internet applications (RIAs) which are executed in web browsers. In-browser mode is the most common way to use them.

Preparing the test environment
In order to test a Silverlight application, you need to properly configure your test environment. This may include preparing a web browser’s settings, installing a Certificate Authority, and possibly other actions.

Testing out-of-browser Silverlight applications
Silverlight-based applications, as well as your test machine, must be configured properly to allow the applications to be installed from their host web pages, run outside of the browser, and tested.

List of supported Silverlight controls
Silverlight controls supported by TestArchitect for testing Silverlight applications.

Uninstalling a Certificate Authority
If you no longer need to test Silverlight applications running over the HTTPS protocol, you may opt to uninstall the TestArchitect Certificate Authority (CA) which was previously installed.

Reset proxy server settings
If and when you no longer need to test Silverlight applications, it is highly recommended that you reset your machine’s proxy server settings to make your web browsers work properly under normal conditions.

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