Testing Oracle Forms

You can use TestArchitect to test Oracle Forms applets embedded into a web page.

This section contains information specific to testing Oracle Forms.

Applies to TestArchitect 8.3 Update 5 and higher.

Testing Oracle Forms - Overview
In TestArchitect, you can create and run tests for Oracle Forms. TestArchitect recognizes Oracle Forms running in a Java EE container inside a web page.

Enabling the unique name property
This task describes the way in which you can enable the name property supplied by the Oracle Applications server before using TestArchitect to test Oracle Forms.

Support for Oracle Forms controls
Oracle Forms controls are supported by TestArchitect.

Support for Oracle Forms built-in actions
Built-in actions supported by TestArchitect for testing Oracle Forms.

Timing built-in settings support
Timing built-in settings supported by TestArchitect for testing Oracle Forms.

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