Testing web apps in mobile emulation mode

WithTestArchitect, you can create and run automated tests for mobile web applications and websites without the need for real mobile devices, also known as agent-based automation testing.

For example, you might:

Testing web apps in mobile emulation mode - Overview
Mobile web testing can be challenging and tedious, thanks to the large variety of mobile devices, platforms and screen sizes. TestArchitect addresses this challenge by letting you test mobile web applications on device emulators. Without the need for real physical devices of every type to ensure full testing coverage, your testing setup and maintenance is highly simplified.

Creating mobile browser profiles
How to create mobile browser profiles with different user agents and screen sizes.

Launching mobile browser emulator
How to start a mobile browser emulator to allow TestArchitect to open and interact with mobile web applications.

Best practices to define mobile device profiles
How to conveniently create a list of predefined mobile device profiles to be used in tests.

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