Non-critical wait settings

Non-critical wait settings (window wait probe, object wait probe, and value changed wait) are not associated with interruptions of normal program flow.

The non-critical waits group consists of two types of waits: the probe waits, and value changed wait. Like the critical waits, non-critical waits wait for the possibility of a change taking place in the AUT, to ensure that their associated actions sample the correct value or state. But the actions associated with non-critical waits are essentially neutral about the final result - that is, the wait never directly results in a warning or failed test (or passed test, for that matter).

  • Probe waits are used for non-critical conditions. That is, these waits are used by testing actions which simply query the AUT about the existence of some item within its UI, and won’t issue a fail report or warning if the target items are not found. These are the does…exist and if…exists actions. As discussed earlier, execution of these actions results in a Boolean value (1(true)/0(false)) which is either returned as a variable value (for does…exist actions) or used to determine the flow of control (for if…exists actions). There are two probe waits:

    does…exist actions are used for testing for the presence of various windows, controls and items. window wait probe is used for windows, and object wait probe is used for controls. There is, however, no item wait probe setting. In its place, item-related does…exist actions (does menu item exist, does tree node exist, etc.) currently use the item wait setting when testing for such items.

  • value changed wait is used by actions that sample values from the AUT (or, in the case of get clipboard, a value from the host OS). It is used to ensure that the value in the sampled UI item has had a chance to settle into its stable state, after the execution of some action that may have affected that state.

Wait probe settings
window wait probe and object wait probe are used for non-critical condition tests.

value changed wait
The value changed wait setting is concerned with the delays that may be incurred in the changing of a value or state in the AUT’s interface after a UI-modifying action has executed.

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