This class is the central point for interacting with data set’s information.

This class and its associated methods are currently supported only by the C# harness.

Workflow Implementation

In general, a basic workflow involves the following steps:

  1. Initialize a new AbtDataSetManagement object.
  2. Use methods of AbtDataSetManagement to create a new AbtDataSet and/or AbtDataRow object.
  3. Depending on your needs, apply various methods of
    1. AbtDataSet to continue processing the returned data set, or
    2. AbtDataRow to continue processing the returned data set row.


Suppose that you’d like to get the total number of columns in a given dedicated data set.

Your snippet of code might resemble the following:

//Initialize AbtDataSetManagement object
AbtDataSetManagement mgn = new AbtDataSetManagement();

//Retrieve a data set, "Car Rental"
AbtDataSet dataset = mgn.GetDataSet("/Car Rental");

//Retrieve the total number of columns
int count = dataset.GetColumnCount();





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