Built-in settings

TestArchitect has a number of built-in settings that control various runtime behaviors of TestArchitect.All built-in settings are assigned non-empty default values by TestArchitect prior to the start of each test run. These defaults can be overridden, however, during either run setup time (learn more), or during run time by means of the built-in setting action.

Date, time settings
Setting functions that operate on date and time values are classified as date and time settings. They include functions for specifying the date format, controlling the behavior when months are added to a date but the resulting date is invalid, etc.

Timing settings
Setting functions that operate on timing are classified as timing settings. They include functions for handling timing issues arising when window or web pages take an unexpected amount of time to display (from the point of view of the automation).

Value settings
Built-in settings that operate on displayed values are classified as value settings. They include functions for ignoring case sensitivity in string comparison, trimming white spaces from the beginnings and ends of strings, etc.

Other settings
A hodge-podge of built-in settings that don’t fit into any other categories. Includes settings for loading visible controls, setting the default web browser, etc.

Playback settings
Settings that operate on CodedUI’s value are classified as playback settings.

Deprecated built-in settings include those settings which should be avoided, typically because they have been superseded.

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