Picture Handling

Picture handling actions interact with captured and stored images.

  • Picture Handling built-in actions works based on either a pixel-by-pixel technique or a keypoint detection technique comparison. To switch between techniques, use the picture algorithm setting.
  • The exact value for the picture algorithm built-in setting (specifying the pixel-by-pixel comparison technique) applies to nearly every picture handling built-in action. The sole exception is set picture min accuracy, which does not interact with the AUT.
  • The key points value for the picture algorithm built-in setting (specifying the keypoint detection technique) applies to every picture handling built-in action but two: check picture is exempt, since it always applies a pixel-by-pixel comparison, and set picture min accuracy, as mentioned, has no interaction with the AUT.

capture screen

check picture

check picture exists

check picture not exists

click picture

does picture exist

export baseline picture

get baseline image count

get picture location

if picture exists

if picture not exists

set picture min accuracy

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