configure webdriver


Set up an advanced test environment where you are going to run tests with WebDriver. (Learn more about Webdriver)

This action is dedicated to Generic WebDriver.

Valid contexts

This action may be used within the following project items: test modules and user-defined actions.



Suppose that we ’d like to launch Chrome in headless and webdriver mode. The desired capabilities should resemble the following:


Action lines

Besides, in GWD mode, you can decide whether or not to keep the browser open after test execution by using the clean upkey. . See the example below for more information:


Additionally, you can use the Start-up settings to configure the cleanup. Click here for more information.

The purpose of keeping the browser open is to help you to debug your test. Using it may cause some problems related to headless mode, multi-execution, un-rent devices, etc. Please be aware of this before using this setting.

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