Test Support actions

The Test Support category of built-in actions includes those actions which perform execution control, test resource declaration, test documentation, and reporting.

Action Definition
Action Definition built-in actions help you to define arguments in user-defined actions.

Control Flow
Control Flow built-in actions break up the flow of execution by employing decision making, looping, and branching, enabling your test to run conditionally-executed blocks of action lines.

Data sets
Data set built-in actions help you to define and use data sets and filters.

Deprecated built-in actions include those actions which should be avoided, typically because they have been superseded.

Documentary built-in actions perform test documentation and assist in properly organizing your test module, which aids in ensuring conformance to the ABT methodology.

Error Handling
Error handling built-in actions provide different ways of handling abnormal conditions or errors that occur during test execution.

WebDriver built-in actions allows you set up environment, switch among frames, etc. with WebDriver.

Interface Handling
Interface Handling built-in actions allow you to create interfaces, interface entities, interface elements and use them in your test procedures.

Remote Agents
Remote Agents built-in actions handle the connection between lead controller machines and deputy controller machines in remote test execution.

Reporting and Formatting
Reporting and Formatting built-in actions convert internal data inside your test procedures into formatted output.

Timing built-in actions handle the varying response times of an application under test. It is important that tests not sample AUT outputs faster than the AUT can respond to stimuli, which can cause false failures. At the same time, tests should wait no longer than necessary for functions to complete, because excessive waits can slow down overall run times of large test runs.

Value Handling
Value handling built-in actions include actions that verify the value of displayed text.

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