System actions

System built-in actions include those which allow your test to interact with the host operating system of your test automation, and perform other miscellaneous functions.

Clipboard built-in actions include those actions which allow your test to interact with the short-term data storage of the host system clipboard.

Command Line
Command line actions are those built-in actions which interact with the host computer’s operating system through the command line interface (CLI).

This section includes built-in actions that connect to and run queries on database management systems (DBMSs) or Microsoft Excel data sources.

Device built-in actions communicate with mobile devices attached to your test machines.

File and Folder
File and folder built-in actions provide a comprehensive way to work with text files, and folders.

This section contains information on JSON automation.

This category consists of a single built-in action, type, which can simulate the pressing of keys such as Enter, Spacebar, Backspace, all arrow keys, and function keys ( F1, F2, etc.), as well as key combinations.

Mouse built-in actions are used to mimic mouse events, such as clicks, moves, and drags.

Operating System
Operating system built-in actions help you monitor and interact with desktop or mobile operating systems on your test machine(s).

This section contains information on XML automation.

Web services
Web services are specific applications that can be published and called over the Internet by client applications. This section includes built-in actions that support functional testing of web services.

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