Test Tool

The Test Tool node of the TestArchitect explorer tree provides several predefined harnesses, which are scripts or programs that interpret and execute the action lines of a test sequence. It also offers you the option of configuring your own harness, one designed for the programming language of your choice.

The default harness in TestArchitect is taplayback.exe, also known as TestArchitect Automation Playback, which is a binary and cannot be modified. TestArchitect does, however, offer three built-in additional harnesses written in Python (TestArchitect Python Harness), Java (TestArchitect Java Harness), and C# (TestArchitect CSharp Harness).

See the following subtopic to learn how to configure your own harness for proper execution.

Creating a test tool profile
In order to run your test automation with a customized harness program, a test tool profile for that harness must be created.

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